Super Cyborg Has The Dark Mood Of Metroid, The Action Of Contra



Artur Games has released its retro-style run ‘n’ gunner Super Cyborg for Windows.  It should appeal to anyone who ever loved Contra, or who can’t get enough of blowing up fleshy, disgusting aliens with big colorful orbs.


As with a classic science-fearing story from the ‘80s, Super Cyborg kicks off with scientists threatening humanity by awakening the ‘Xirxul life form’. You, as a battle cyborg, are sent to the mysterious island of the outbreak’s origin, armed and ready to save the planet.


Your aim in Super Cyborg is simple: kill everything that moves. Doing that proves difficult as you’ll need to learn the surprises waiting for you in each level; how enemies move, when to duck and doge, what power-ups to collect and avoid. Then there are the giant unique bosses to take on, of course.


Super Cyborg was created by one guy over the course of four years, inspired by classics including Contra, Metroid, Gunstar Heroes, and Alien Soldier. It shows: its seven stages showcase an understanding of what made those games so compelling and challenging. The gruesome alien biological disaster you run through really pulses with the distinct, dark atmosphere of those old NES sci-fi titles. too.


It comes with three difficulty modes, two-player local co-op, 8-bit graphics and an original chiptune soundtrack. There’s also a (not so) secret unlockable character.


You can purchase Super Cyborg on Desura or the developer’s website for Windows at $4.99. If you’d like to see it on Steam one day then you can vote for it on Greenlight.

Chris Priestman