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Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission’s Card Edit Lets You Make All Kinds Of Wacky Cards



Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission brings new elements to the card battle RPG on Switch and PC including a Card Edit feature that lets you make your own original cards. Here’s a new trailer that shows how it’s done.


With Card Edit, you can customize cards to your liking starting with the layout, characters, background, layers, and effects as far as the visual side of things go. As for the card game part, customizable options include special attacks, parameters, abilities, CAA/TAA, and units.


Using your own custom cards you’ll take on battles in the Story Mode and its original missions.


Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission releases for Nintendo Switch and PC in North America and Europe on April 5, 2019. It releases a day earlier, April 4, in Japan for Switch. Check our previous report for more details including Mission Edit, online features, and more.

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