Super Hyperactive Ninja Focuses On Clearing Courses Quickly With Paper Cutout Martial Artists


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Super Hyperactive Ninja’s various paper cutout ninja are all low on caffeine, and need to rush to the end of each stage before they nod off in this platformer that’s designed around speedrunning.


Each of the warriors in Super Hyperactive Ninja have their own stats, giving them various strengths players can use in their quest to get through each stage as quickly as possible. Choosing the right ninja can make a huge difference in your mobility or offense, letting players focus on which powers or movements work best with their play style to get them to the end the quickest. Not only this, but the extra characters also offer some abilities that will let them access hidden routes through some stages, opening up more ways to shave seconds off of players’ times.

Super Hyperactive Ninja features fifty levels of yokai and evil ninja to fight and traps to avoid as players work to stay caffeinated in each area. The game also features a special fighting mode players can uncover should they wish to battle a friend with their high-speed combat abilities.


Super Hyperactive Ninja is available now on Steam.

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