Super Indie Karts Beta Is Now Playable On Ouya



One Legged Seagull has launched the beta version of its 16-bit style karting game Super Indie Karts on Ouya.


If you were one of the 50 people that backed the game on Kickstarter last year at the $27 tier then you should now have access to the game. If you weren’t one of those people, then you have the option of paying $29.99 to play the beta, which will get you the full game as well, of course.


The current beta build has over 20 characters and 12 tracks to play in Grand Prix mode. “More play modes, characters, and features will be added as the weeks till release drift on by,” notes One Legged Seagull.


The final game, due in June 2015, will have over 40 tracks, three speed classes, and mirror modes. It will also feature character crossovers including Fist of Awesome, Canabalt, Clive’N’Wrench, Holobunnies, Read Only Memories, and many more.

Chris Priestman