Where are the five Super Mario Bros Wonder Puzzling Park Wonder Token locations
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Super Mario Bros Wonder Puzzling Park Wonder Token Locations

Some Super Mario Bros Wonder stages have you searching for Wonder Token locations, and Puzzling Park is one of them. It’s your first Search Party challenge, and here’s how to get through it.

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Where are the five Super Mario Bros Wonder Puzzling Park Wonder Token locations

Even though Puzzling Park is probably the first time you’ll go through a hidden Wonder Token stage, some of them might be challenging to find. Yes, a few are obvious. You might also get hints if you enabled the online connection to see shadows of others playing. But others are hidden surprisingly well! You’ll find that Search Party stage in W2 Fluff-Puff peeks in the first area of levels, right near the Wall-Climb Jump II Badge Challenge and Condarts Away!

I recommend going through them in clockwise order. That means the first one you’ll deal with is to the right of the stage’s entrance. You’ll see a Wonder Token floating mid-air. There are two tiers of hidden blocks you can reveal by jumping underneath them. You can then jump on top. Here’s the screenshot showing how to jump up to that token.

Next, you’ll see a platform with a mushroom moving back and forth. A yellow pipe is above it. If you move right a bit more, you’ll see the next Wonder Token location in Super Mario Bros Wonder Puzzling Park in the background. Go up through the pipe, then walk over to it.

As you’re getting that background Wonder Token, you’ll probably see one floating in the foreground. You won’t be hitting invisible blocks to make a platform to reach it. Rather, go to the second platform jutting out from the right,  move close to the wall, then jump up. You’ll hit a hidden block that will make a vine spawn, letting you climb to that one. 

This next one is easy. When you’re in the southern part of the stage, you’ll see a gap to the left. Fall down it. The Wonder Token is hidden below, and there’s a pipe to go down to get back up to the main area.

This final one is the most troublesome. Even if you see a Standee someone left as a hint, it might not make sense. You’ll only get this Puzzling Park Wonder Token if you experiment or see someone’s shadow performing the action. That’s because the first, left-most pipe here can actually be pushed to the right. Push it until it exactly in the middle of the two background pillars, then jump up. You’ll hit a hidden block that reveals the final Wonder Token.

The Wonder Seed will spawn after this, allowing you to grab it and exit the stage.

Super Mario Bros Wonder is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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