Super Mario Maker Metroidvania, Bowling, and Flappy Bird Levels Appear


When people think of traditional Super Mario games, they think of straightforward, 2D or 2.5D platformers. However, people are already showing that there’s a lot of freedom within Super Mario Maker. Though the level creation tools are geared toward traditional gameplay, people are using the game to experiment with other genres.



An Austrian user named Oni has created “Metroid U” within Super Mario Maker. It is a Metroid-inspired level that actually requires a little bit of backtracking to complete.



The physics of water-based levels has allowed many people to make the Super Mario Maker equivalent of Flappy Bird, like MythosOfPlaying did above.



Even sports-inspired levels are appearing within Super Mario Maker. A user in the UK named Dalagonash created a bowling game, complete with a signpost at the end that assigns you a “score” based on how many points you earned in the level.


Super Mario Maker is coming to the Nintendo Wii U on September 11 and will be $59.99. Tomorrow, Siliconera will go through the creation of a bullet hell-inspired level using tools unlocked from the first two days of play.

Jenni Lada
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