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Super Mario Odyssey Original Soundtrack Will Begin Its Journey On February 28, 2018


mario odyssey ost


Super Mario Odyssey’s original soundtrack is set to release on February 28, 2018 in Japan, with 136 tracks on its four discs.


The soundtrack will also come with a booklet containing comments from Aimi Mukohara, singer for the Japanese versions of the songs with vocals, comments from the development staff, Pauline’s character design details, and full English and Japanese lyrics for “Jump Up, Super Star!” and “Break Free (Lead The Way)”.


odyssey ost

There is also a Super Mario Odyssey Sound Selection, which contains 12 tracks, including a selection of background music, the two vocal songs in both languages, and instrumental (karaoke) versions of the two songs. This version is currently available on iTunes.


The full soundtrack can be found on Amazon priced at 4,968 yen (~$44). Super Mario Odyssey is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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