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Super Mario Party Has Character-Specific Dice Blocks


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Super Mario Party was shown off during the E3 2018 Nintendo Treehouse stream today. Several new twists on the classic board game were shown off, including character-specific dice blocks.


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One thing that might give players something to consider when choosing a character is each one’s specific dice blocks. For example, the Mario Dice Block has mainly 3’s on the faces, meaning it might be easier if aiming for a certain amount of spaces. However, other dice might be more high-risk-high-return, such as Peach’s, which has a zero on one of the faces. Bowser’s goes even further, with two faces being ‘–3 coins’, but three of them being 6’s.


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Several new items were also shown off, such as the Buddy Phone, which can call allies. In the stream, the Buddy Phone called in Yoshi, who added an extra dice count to Mario’s. Another new item is the Golden Drink, which turns the character gold and gives 1 coin per space moved.


Apart from items, friendship-destroying event spaces will be returning. For example, Whomp’s Domino Ruins has a trap mechanic in the upper row that triggers on an event space. When passing by Lakitu, you can also choose to steal coins from opponents for free, or steal Stars from opponents for 30 coins.


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There is also a separate mode called Toad’s Rec. Room, which has various games that utilize the Nintendo Switch in different ways. In one banana matching minigame, players need to assemble a bunch of bananas correctly between the two screens as fast as possible.


Super Mario Party will be available for Nintendo Switch on October 5, 2018. You can find the trailer for the game in our previous report here.

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