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Super Mario Party Talks About Partner Party, Online Multiplayer




During the Super Mario Party portion of the Nintendo E3 2018 June 14, 2018 live stream, a few modes were shown off. The representatives showed off the cooperative Partner Party mode, another Toad’s Rec Room game and the Mario Fun mode that can be played locally or online.


Partner Party took place on the Gold Rush Mine in the demonstration. This is a free movement, square board with King Bob-omb in the center. People were put together in teams of two to collect stars and go around the board. They would team up for their dice rolls, with the two able to combine numbers with their different Dice Blocks. For example, if a team rolls a nine, each character can move nine spaces to different places on the board. (Indicators underneath each character shows how many spaces away they are from the nearest star.) The goal is to collect as many coins, stomp opponents, acquire power ups and perhaps even buy a star with each move. Or, if another character randomly appears on the board, to reach them and add their dice block to your collection.


During this mode, two minigames were shown. One was Making Faces. It is similar to the Super Mario Odyssey minigame where you must place parts of Mario or Bowser’s face in the proper place. The one with the highest accuracy percentage wins. Another was Croozin’ for a Broozin’, where characters needed to avoid and outrun Broozers for the longest amount of time.




The tank-based Toad Rec Room game showed up during this Super Mario Party stream. This mode starts with each Nintendo Switch system having three possible map layouts to choose from. One is picked on each one, becoming part of the map for the session. You then arrange the systems in a way that is pleasing to you and swipe from one to the other to connect them. Then, you head in and attempt to use your tank to defeat the other players. Blocks are destructible in this mode, and it is possible to hide your tank in the crease between the two systems.




Finally, the Mario Fun mode in Super Mario Party was shown. This can be played locally or online and lets you play the 80 minigames outside of the actual board games. (You can set your favorite ones.) You go through five minigames in a row, with them rotating. It will have leaderboards and a ranking system, as well as unspecified rewards people can earn for playing. The two games shown here were Fuzzy Flight School and Hammer and Sic ‘Em. The former has you flying in a tunnel, trying to avoid Fuzzies for as long as possible. Hammer and Sic ‘Em has you trying to bust the opposing team’s balloons while protecting your own. Other games passed, but not played, during this segment include Trike Harder, Slaparazzi, Sizzling Stakes, Snack Attack, Candy Shakedown, Stake Your Claim, Dust Buddies, Sign Steal, Deliver and Maths of Glory.


Super Mario Party will come to the Nintendo Switch on October 5, 2018.

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