Super Mario Run Gets My Nintendo Rewards And Missions


smr toad My Nintendo members playing Super Mario Run are going to be able to earn Platinum Points and put them toward virtual items. It is possible to link the Apple iOS game with their My Nintendo account to complete missions and get in-game rewards.


To link your Super Mario Run game to your My Nintendo account, you need to start the game and head to the Menu. There will be a Link option there. You click that, then enter your My Nintendo username and password. This action allows you to begin completing missions and collecting rewards, and actually counts as the first 100 Platinum Point mission.


The Super Mario Run My Nintendo missions are as follows.

  • Link Super Mario Run to your My Nintendo account – 100 Platinum Points
  • Play Toad Rally (daily) – 10 Platinum Points
  • Win three times in Toad Rally (weekly) – 50 Platinum Points
  • Add your first friend – 100 Platinum Points
  • Add five friends – 100 Platinum Points
  • Add 10 friends – 100 Platinum Points
  • Clear World 1 (full game required) – 50 Platinum Points
  • Clear World 2 (full game required) – 50 Platinum Points
  • Clear World 3 (full game required) – 50 Platinum Points
  • Clear World 4 (full game required) – 50 Platinum Points
  • Clear World 5 (full game required) – 50 Platinum Points
  • Clear World 6 (full game required) – 50 Platinum Points


There are also nine My Nintendo rewards for Super Mario Run. Some are decorative, in-game items, while others are coins and tickets that allow you to participate in Toad Rallies or earn items. Here’s the full list of what’s available.

  • 1,000 coins – 60 Platinum Points
  • 2,000 coins – 100 Platinum Points
  • 3,000 coins – 140 Platinum Points
  • 5 Toad Rally Tickets – 150 Platinum Points
  • 10 Toad Rally Tickets – 200 Platinum Points
  • Block E – 100 Platinum Points
  • Gold Mario Statue – 300 Platinum Points
  • Toad – 0 Platinum Points
  • White Flower Patch – 30 Platinum Points


Super Mario Run is available for Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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