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Super Meat Boy Is Finally Heading To PS4, PS Vita Later This Year



Team Meat (aka Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes) has announced that its hardcore 2D platformer Super Meat Boy will be heading to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita later this year. It will be free to PlayStation Plus members during the first month of its release on PlayStation platforms.


Super Meat Boy was previously released exclusively on Xbox 360 back in October 2010 as was covered in the documentary Indie Game: The Movie. It has since been released on PC with a level editor. Edmund and Tommy say that they wanted to bring the game to PlayStation platforms sooner but due to “very complicated reasons” were unable to do so (presumably due to an exclusivity contract signed with Microsoft).


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Super Meat Boy has you guiding Meat Boy across highly dangerous, usually quickfire levels in order to save his girlfriend Bandage Girl who has been kidnapped by evil scientist Dr. Fetus (an actual fetus in a jar). There are optional bandages to collect in the levels for an extra challenge as well unlockable characters and warp zones to find hidden in levels.

Chris Priestman