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Super Neptunia RPG Introduces Dungeon Travel And The Battle UI


brave neptunia dungeon 7

Super Neptunia RPG’s website recently was updated with new information regarding dungeon exploration and in-battle elements.


Dungeon exploration

brave neptunia dungeon 1 brave neptunia dungeon 2


Super Neptunia RPG is a dungeon-exploration sidescroller with action elements. While exploring dungeons, players may happen upon Monster Symbols that will start a battle when touched. If you attack it with a Symbol Attack, you will start in an advantageous position.


There are also various treasure chests that you may happen upon within the dungeons.


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In dungeons, you can jump and double jump, but apart from this, you can also summon a pudding-like monster to give you a higher jump.



brave neptunia dungeon 5


Battles in Super Neptunia RPG are tactical in a straightforward manner. Players need to change the formation, based on the current situation, in order to gain the advantage.


You can have up to four characters in battle and charge up action points (shown in no. 3 below) that can be spent to activate skills. Knowing weaknesses of enemies will be very important, as attacking the weakness of enemies give you bonus AP so you can continue to fight smoothly.


Here are the full list of UI elements shown:

1. Formation – change formations with L1/R1

2. HDD Gauge – Gauge needed to HDD

3. Party AP – AP increases as time passes

4. Break Attack Gauge – Increases as you attack enemies. Break Attacks are finishers that can be used by characters.

5. Enemy AP



Formations change the attack type of characters. Each Formation also has passive bonuses.



brave neptunia dungeon 6


A physical attack-heavy Formation. There are also skills that inflict status effects and additional magic damage.



brave neptunia dungeon 7


Magic attack-focused Formation. It’s particularly potent against enemies weak against magic.



brave neptunia dungeon 8


A Formation that has quite a lot of buffing and defensive skills.



brave neptunia dungeon 9


A Formation focusing on recovering HP or from status effects.


Super Neptunia RPG will be released in Japan on September 27, 2018 for the PlayStation 4. The game releases in North America and Europe in Fall 2018 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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