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Super Rad Raygun Bring Pea-Green Pew Pew-ing To Xbox One


Super Rad Raygun, the Game Boy and 80’s-inspired sidescrolling shooter, is heading to new platforms with a projected release of its pea-green action on the Xbox one.


In an era of New Coke and Cold Wars, Rad Raygun must battle his way through waves of communist robots in order to take out the evil leader of a global threat. By blasting through silly renditions of pop stars, cartoon heroes, and 80’s political figures, players will slowly work their way across the world and save the age of big hair.

Players are given an array of different power-ups to do this, many of which change their weapon strength, health, or movement styles. However, Rad Raygun does not have limitless energy to do whatever it wants, so if players go all-out jumping, shooting, and dashing, they will drain their batteries and have to rest for a moment. This requires players try not to waste movements, although the battery does recover quickly, ensuring players don’t need to be ultra-careful in how they fight. They will want to be aware of it if they’re blasting away at a boss, though, lest they find it charging for them when they have no power to leap away.


Super Rad Raygun is available now on, GameJolt, and Steam, and is expected to hit the Xbox One in late 2018.

Alistair Wong
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