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Super Robot Taisen BX’s Preorder Campaign Has Five Bonus Tiers



Super Robot Taisen BX is the latest of Bandai Namco’s mixed mecha strategy series, featuring various units from series such as Mobile Suit Gundam AGE along the likes of Mazinkaizer SKL. The official website shares information on a new preorder campaign they have going on.



Depending on how many preorders the game gets, the official website shows a “Morale Gauge” indicating its current points and level for the bonus. Fans can also visit the campaign page and press the red button next to the gauge to add more Morale.


Here are the five bonuses that will be included as the tiers go up a level:


  • 100 Morale – Lv. 1: Nintendo 3DS theme


  • 120 Morale – Lv. 2: Campaign Map


  • 140 Morale – Lv. 3: Skill Item


  • 150 Morale – Lv. 4: Tsume Supa


  • 170 Morale – Lv. 5: ? ? ?


Each level will also include the bonuses from the all the previous levels. More details on the bonuses will be made available as they level up prior to the release of the game.


Super Robot Taisen BX will release in Japan on August 20, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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