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Super Robot Taisen’s Mechas Mix It Up In Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice


Namco Bandai’s upcoming Super Robot Wars spin-off, Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice, will be seeing both new and familiar faces. Earlier this week, we reported on the game’s trailer, showing some gorgeous animation. Now, have have introduced some of the mecha, called Masou Kishin, and their pilots.


Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice will be the first multi-platform title in the series on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3. It features many original characters from Super Robot Wars in a brand new story. The game takes place in the same world of the previous series, La Gius. The mightiest country of La Gius, called Holy Langran Kingdom, created a powerful giant machine weapons, known as the Masou Kishin.



Pilot: Masaki Andoh

Cybuster is contract-bound to the spirit of wind, Syphis, and posses the elemental power of wind. It has the ability to open the gate between the Earth and La Gius on its own. Cybuster can also transform into the bird-like flying form, Cybird.




Pilot: Huang Yanglong


Granveil is a Masou Kishin contracted with the fire spirit, Granva. It has exceptional offensive prowess but seems to be lacking in defense. It’s known for using attacks such as the “Caloric Smash” and uses a “Caloric Recycler” to go with it.




Pilot: Tyutti Noorbuck

Tyutti pilots the Masou Kishin contract-bound with the water elemental spirit, known as God. It has lower attack power than the other Masou Kishin, but it has several long-ranged weapons and versatile other abilities such as a repair device.




Pilot: Mio Sasuga


Zamzeed is the earth type Masou Kishin who is contract-bound to the spirit Zamuj. It has low mobility but boasts very high defense and regeneration capabilities. It is also the most durable of the bunch. Zamzeed’s previous pilot was a man by the name of Ricardo, but after a certain incident, the position has gone to Mio.





Pilot: Fang Xan Vicias


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Similar to Cybuster, Giorias is contracted to a wind spirit. Unlike Syphis, it is a lower ranked spirit known as Giolute. It was created with the intention of being in the front-line of combat, therefore boasting strong armament and thick armor.




Pilot: Tsrein Xan Lecanivan

Leogeira is contracted with the lower spirit of fire, Leoga, and features a  meteor-type attribute. Previously, it was noted that Leogeira’s performance was lacking, so it has been upgraded since then. It excels in melee combat.





Pilot: Mefil Xania Borlang

Delgiran is contract-bound to the other earth spirit, Delgina. It features a volcanic-type attribute and excels in long-ranged combat with missiles and tough armor plate.





Pilot: Gido Zeehofer

Contract-bound by the lower-ranked fire spirit, Dinfule. This lightning-type Masou Kishin was originally in a dormant state, but it has since then been adopted by Gido.





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As previously reported,  first print copies will include a download code for Valsione, who can change its form into Valsione R from Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector. Here’s a closer look!



Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice is slated for release on August 22, 2013 for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3. The story events of Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice can also be revisited in the option gallery mode, right after you finish watching them in the main game.


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