Super Robot Wars DD Producers On Adding Devilman, Getting Weapons Without Gacha, And More


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Super Robot Wars DD producer Masatoshi Akai and series producer Takanobu Terada were present at Taipei Game Show recently to reveal more about how to get weapons apart from gacha, why unit turns are speed-based rather than turn-based, why Devilman was added, and more. [Thanks, Bahamut!]


Here are the highlights below:

Even if every unit and pilot are obtainable via game progress, a lot of players would like to know if there are other ways to get Unit Parts.

Masatoshi Akai, Super Robot Wars DD producer: “Apart from gacha, we’ve also provided many ways to get weapons. For example, you can get them from log-in rewards, events, and other methods, so even if you don’t pay, you can still get them.”


This time, you aren’t using a turn-based system but rather having speed determine the unit’s turn. Why is that?

Takanobu Terada, series producer: “This time, the major difference is that compared to previous Super Robot Wars games, this game adds an Auto function due to it being for smartphones. When considering player convenience, a turn-based system wouldn’t work very well, so a speed-based system was more appropriate. Before, players would need to click End Turn when all actions were completed to begin the Enemy Phase, but like this players can auto-battle more conveniently.”




Why did Super Robot Wars DD add Devilman?

Terada: “Honestly, I wanted to add in Devilman 20 years ago, but could never find the opportunity. Mainly I was a bit nervous that players would deem Devilman as a non-mecha series, and cause them to question the core concept of Super Robot Wars.

However, Super Robot Wars X-Omega actually has a lot of non-mecha series participants. Also, because Super Robot Wars DD is the first mobile game in the series to be released overseas, we decided that we may as well try it!”


Will there be other characters from Devilman in the game?

Terada: “That’s correct, Sirene is also planned to be present in Super Robot Wars DD.”


Super Robot Wars DD launches in Japan for iOS and Android in 2019. You can check out the second trailer in our previous report here.

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