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Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers Screens Show Bellzelute, Calvina, And More



Bandai Namco previously announced some of the latest characters and mecha that will be in Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers, and they’ve followed up with a look at their screenshots.




A mobile weapon created by the moon’s heavy machine makers, Ashalley Kreutzer.


Calvina Coulange:


A test pilot of Ashalley Kreutzer who shows up on the Bellzelute.


Festenia Muse:


A lively girl who works together with Calvina.


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Laftkranz Aurun:


A mysterious power, high capacity mobile weapon by Fury.


Al-Van Lunks:


A member of Fury. He appears to know Calvina, and he aims to attack her and protagonist Touya Shun’s units.


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Endlich Geist:


A powered up version of Alles Geist, a powerful enemy unit from the past.


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Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers will release in Japan in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The Asia version will release in 2016 with English subtitles.


Note: The screenshots in this article are for the PS4 version of the game.

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