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Super Robot Wars T Brings Back Classic Original Generation Unit Gespenst


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Famitsu has revealed that classic Original Generation unit Gespenst will be appearing in Super Robot Wars T, which was announced for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch yesterday.


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Genspenst will be a special unit in the same vein as Cybuster in Super Robot Wars X, and Grungust and Huckebein in Super Robot Wars V. All these units come from the classic Super Robot Wars games, and would join mid-game, unless you had the first-print DLC code that would unlock a scenario that let them join after the first stage. Gespenst will presumably follow this pattern.


Gespenst first appeared in Super Robot Wars 4 after being first created for Hero Chronicle (Hero Senki in Japanese; check out its fan translation here!). No information has been given as to who will be piloting the Gespenst. However, the Gespenst shown seems to be from the classic games rather than the Mk-II versions commonly seen on the Super Robot Wars OG series.


Super Robot Wars T releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan and Asia in 2019. Check out an English trailer for the Asian release in our previous report here.

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