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Super Robot Wars T Shows Off New Moves And Sub-Order System In Gameplay


Bandai Namco released more gameplay for Super Robot Wars T during a livestream yesterday.

The gameplay focuses on showing off some of the changed systems during intermissions between maps, and also shows off some new moves previously unseen in trailers for some units. Compared to the previous two games, Sub-Orders can now be upgraded to have 8 pilots per type of Sub-Order via TAC Management, and now there are Special Orders that appear when you meet certain conditions. Special Orders will increase a pilot’s kill count by 5.

Check out the gameplay from Chapter 4 below:

Super Robot Wars T releases in Japan on March 20, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Its Asia version with English subs will release on March 20 as well. Check out an interview with the producers of the game in our previous report here.

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