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Super Robot Wars T’s Second English Subbed Trailer Charges In At Full Speed




Super Robot Wars T’s English-subbed 2nd trailer was uploaded to Bandai Namco Asia’s Facebook today. Furthermore, series producer Terada also recently answered questions at Taipei Game Show on what we can expect from the latest entry in this longstanding mecha franchise.


Check out the new trailer subbed below:


From the trailer, it seems that God Gundam will be using its Western name Burning Gundam in SRW T. The theme song for the game is also in English, and in a video message for Taipei Game Show, JAM Project revealed that they sang multiple versions of the song, in Japanese, Korean, English, and Chinese.


5 mins of GaiGaoGar gameplay footage:


Voice actor Nobuyuki Hiyama was present at Taipei Game Show’s Super Robot Wars T stage event, and he showed off GaoGaiGar’s moveset in around five minutes of gameplay total.


Developer interview:

srw t


After the stage event, series producer Takanobu Terada and Super Robot Wars T producer Shouhei Mogami sat down for an interview, where they talked about some of the finer details of the game. [Thanks, Bahamut!]:


  • As shown in the trailer, the skill tree aspect of teaching pilots new skills has been removed in SRW T.


  • There will be no combo attack for God/Burning Gundam’s ‘Sekiha Tenkyouken’ attack, but ‘Shuffle Doumei Ken’ has been included.


  • While the Arcadia is not as strong as Yamato, the ships in general have been balanced to be quite strong.


  • The reason why SRW V, X, and T have stories that conclude in one game is because of the series expansion into overseas markets. They didn’t want new players to not understand what was going on in the story.


  • With the unfortunate passing of Kincaid’s voice actor Kouji Tsujitani, Kincaid will be using lines from their voice library from previous games.


swordfish 3


  • Terada went into detail on how each series got included: Originally, Arcadia SSX was decided upon. Cowboy Bebop and Nadesico were decided upon after because it would work well with Arcadia SSX, and Terada says to look forward to the dynamic between Captain Harlock and Spike, considering their respective professions (bounty hunter vs pirate). Gun x Sword was brought in because overseas popularity.


  • Magic Knight Rayearth will follow the setting in the anime, where they are more willing to fight, rather than the manga setting.


  • Terada states that console Super Robot Wars games will continue to follow the traditional approach, while they will try out new ideas with mobile SRW games.


  • There are fewer hidden units and pilots in T, but that’s because they wanted more players to use units like Bellvine and Shin Getter Dragon, who would have been designated as secrets usually. As another example, Nightingale was supposed to be a secret unit, but was made part of normal unit acquisition in SRW T considering its popularity in X. That said, there is one major hidden element that hasn’t been revealed, which is completely new.


Super Robot Wars T releases in Japan on March 20, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Its Asia version with English subs will release on March 20 as well.

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