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Super Robot Wars X Producer Takanobu Terada Talks About The Fantasy World Al-Warth, And Why Masaki Appears


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During the Taipei Game Show, Super Robot Wars X producer Takanobu Terada appeared on stage to discuss the upcoming game, and also appeared for an interview with Bahamut.


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The game is set to come out in Taiwan in Chinese on the same day as Japan, March 29, 2018. The first-print bonus will give a PS4 theme and allow Masaki to join the team early in the story, compared to the normal editions where he will become available mid-way through. Finally, first-print copies will come with a steel box.


Terada also met with Taiwanese media to discuss the game after the stage show:


Bahamut: Based on what has been shown, the Skill Tree and related systems look similar to the ones in the previous game. Have there been any significant changes?

Takanobu Terada, Producer: “The systems follow the same base as the previous game, so the learnable skills and items mostly the same as last time.”


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Why was an alternate world chosen as the setting for the game, instead of Earth?

Terada: “The main reason was the inclusion of Mashin Hero Wataru, as the setting and atmosphere is very different from other robot series. If we were to include the series, this would be the best method.


Furthermore, Buddy Complex’s timeline is very messy, with the first and second parts separated by 70 years. Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water has a 19th century setting, and with all these factors, it was a logical decision to set the game in an alternate world.”


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This would mean that as usual, the newly appearing series are the major foci of the story, correct?

Terada: “Correct. Although the new series take the lead in the story, but Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, Gurren Lagann, and True Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact! have seen unique changes to their plots, and is important as well.”


Speaking of which, how will series such as Gundam Reconguista in G and Gurren Lagann, which have plots which expand into space, be handled?

Terada: “For Gundam Reconguista in G, the crew have just reached Sankt Porto when they get warped to Al-Warth. Also, Al-Warth is not a completely original alternate earth, as it has landmarks such as Mt. Soukai from Wataru and Kamina City from Gurren Lagann within it.”




How about Masaki from Masou Kishin? Which world did he get lost from, the world of Super Robot Wars EX, or Super Robot Wars OG?

Terada: “To be honest, we haven’t really created that elaborate a setting for his inclusion…


Originally, it was the production team who said to me, “We absolutely must have Masaki appear in this game!”, and the idea was approved because the worldview was similar. However, what is certain is that Cybuster jumped over from La Gias.”


In the PV, Mazinger ZERO is fighting the game-original Mazinkaiser. What is the setting for this part of the game?

Terada: “Mazinger ZERO has jumped over from its own world, so in terms of setting, it is an enemy.”



Mashin Hero Wataru has had multiple seasons, so how much of the plot will be covered?

Terada: “The plot of the first season will be covered.”


Super Robot Wars X releases on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan and Chinese regions on March 29, 2018. The game releases in April 26, 2018 in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia.)

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