Super Senso Brings High Speed Advance Wars Strategy Combat to Mobile Devices



Inspired by Advance Wars, Super Senso brings strategic, lighthearted military combat against live opponents to mobile devices. Don’t dawdle with your plans, though, as you only have thirty seconds on a given turn to do all of your attacks.




Players will be presented with a large grid field, and will be tasked with taking out the enemy’s jewel fortress while defending their own. To do this, they can deploy long range units, short range tanks, foot soldiers, and other units to attack and protect themselves with. The developer offered several variants on these units that include dinosaurs, zombies, and flying cats to keep the game’s atmosphere light.


Players can choose from several different main units (called Sensos) to back up their army. The Archmage will let players warp a unit around, the Paladin provides defensive counterattacks when struck, the Reaper can move and attack again if it kills an opposing unit, and the Rhino knocks damaged units back. The full version of the game is expected to offer ten to fifteen different Sensos.




Players can move each unit under their command during the game’s thirty second turns. If the enemy is within range, the player can move in and attack, but each unit can only move once per turn. Some units can attack more than one square, and fortunately, these attacks don’t do any damage to friendly units. Players can feel free to bomb their own units if it means striking their opponent.


The time limit makes for frantic turns, as players must quickly devise their strategy while also moving all their units to where they need to go. Doing so too slowly means losing valuable chances to hit the enemy, as well as chances to redeploy new units to replace defeated ones.




Successful attacks will also build up power for several high-powered abilities. These can let the player do an orbital strike anywhere on the field or bring about a handful of other handy effects.


Super Senso has been designed for approachability for newcomers as well as complexity for genre veterans. The game displays straightforward visuals to show attack ranges and movement, making decisions easy to make at a glance. It also hides in-depth information on each unit, keeping new players from being overwhelmed while providing quick access to important unit info for more challenging players.




For players who need a little time to learn the game’s systems before tackling live opponents, a training mode offers matches against an AI.


Super Senso is already available (for free, but with in-App purchases) for iOS and Android.

Alistair Wong
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