Super Smash Bros. Fan Project Told Not To Stream During Apex 2015



As Nintendo is sponsoring and attending annual fighting game tournament Apex 2015 (January 30th – February 1st), the creators of Super Smash Bros. Crusade, a fan-made Super Smash Bros. game for PC, have been asked not to stream.


This is the first year that Apex has been sponsored by Nintendo after years of the company seemingly ignoring the thriving competitive side of Super Smash Bros.  So, it’s a pretty big deal, and one that the organizers of Apex hope to honor.


Given that they Apex wants to make a good impression on Nintendo, having a fan project being publicized during the event would be, presumably, seen as disrespectful. Hence why the team behind Super Smash Bros. Crusade have been asked to avoid streaming the game during the event.



The Super Smash Bros. Crusade team made no fuss and have agreed. They will still be attending Apex this year, for the third time, and will still be recording footage while there for highlight videos, and work on a new trailer.


If you are attending Apex 2015 and manage to track down Super Smash Bros. Crusade you’ll be able to play the game’s next version (Crusade v0.9.1) before it’s released publicly. It includes a new content such as Classic mode, and stadium modes such asMulti-Man Crusade.


It also includes visual improvements, AI improvements, slightly smaller stages, a more dynamic camera, upgraded physics, adjustments to the KO power, and other balances and revamps. The team also has a funding page for anyone who’d like to help them out with travel costs to Apex.

Chris Priestman