Super Smash Bros. Inspired Indie Fighter Gets A Playable Demo


You might have forgotten about the indie developed game Air Dash Online by developers JV5. However, they haven’t given up and are still soldiering on with their “fluid and agile character movement” brawler inspired by Super Smash Bros.


To that end they’ve put up a playable demo on their website using the Unity engine. It already looks slick. Although you’re only able to control one of two characters—Chai and Tesla—in a simple virtual training room (minus a training dummy), the ability to glide around and pull off some moves are already there and looking great.


This is a game that’s heavily inspired by the Super Smash Bros. Melee specifically, with Chai being based off Marth and Tesla off Captain Falcon. Other characters include Lumella, Togun and Vaius.



The demo allows you to try out basic functions such as air dashing (naturally), different levels of jumping and even dash cancel already, which should give pro fight players something to slaver over.


You can try the demo build out here.