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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Introduces The Femme Fatales Zero Suit Samus, Rosalina, And Pac-Man


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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is closer to launch than ever, especially with the Nintendo Direct set to broadcast tomorrow, and the Super Smash Blog has continued to update with more information on Zero Suit Samus and Rosalina, Pac-Man, as well as new Assist Trophy Nikki from Swapnote and Swapdoodle.


#55 Pac-Man

This fighter appears in both his classic form and his form with hands and legs. He has many unique special moves, such as using a trampoline or a fire hydrant. For his Final Smash, he grows into a giant Super PAC-MAN, chomping and launching his opponents!


#29 Zero Suit Samus

Although not as powerful as Samus, her speed is exceptional! Her Paralyzer not only has the ability to stun opponents, but it can also turn into a whip. For her Final Smash, she dons her suit and fires a powerful laser!


#48 Rosalina & Luma

Luma mimicks Rosalina’s attacks. Luma also increases Rosalina’s reach and can even take a hit for her! If Rosalina gets hit, Luma gets very flustered and flutters both hands.


Nikki – New Assist Trophy

nikki 1

nikki 2

The host of Swapnote on the Nintendo 3DS system joins the battle. Her drawings all look very cute—but they still do serious damage, so be careful!


nikki 3


An interesting bit of trivia is that Nikki’s 3D model in Smash Bros. is based on her appearance in artwork for Swapnote, Swapdoodle, Nikki’s Travel Quiz, and Nintendo Badge Arcade. In her native games, she uses a regular created Mii model.


Living Room – Returning Stage

living room 1

living room 2

living room 3

This stage is based on the nintendogs games. Check out the antics of the animals in the background—a total of 5 different puppies and a cat. Be careful not to get hit by the falling blocks while you’re distracted by their cuteness!


There was no music piece shared today by Nintendo. This week’s new music preview is likely to be revealed alongside any newcomers that will appear in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct.


Regardless, here’s a link to the other remixes and arrangements, and other character features so far:

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will come to the Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.

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