Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Shows Off Final Destination And Mario 3’s Fortress Boss Music

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Super Smash Blog mostly went through Brawl newcomers like Ike, Wolf, and Dedede this week (plus Peach), but the highlights of the week belongs to a full look at Final Destination in this game and a new Super Mario Bros. 3 Fortress Boss theme arrangement by Metal Gear Solid series composer Akihiro Honda.


#13 Peach


THE super princess. Watch out for her powerful kicks while she’s airborne. Using her down special, she picks vegetables and throws them at her opponents. Sometimes she even gets items… like a Bob-omb!


#44 Wolf


The leader of the Star Wolf mercenary team makes his grand return after 10 years! He puts his sharp claws to good use in wild attacks, and his Final Smash is an all-out attack by Team Star Wolf! If Fox or Falco is in the battle, you may hear a unique line of dialog.


#32 Ike


Ike’s side smash attack is extremely powerful, but it leaves him open, so you’ll need to read your opponent’s moves carefully. You can choose between his Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn costumes.


#39 King Dedede


He’s not very fast, but he’s one of few heavyweight fighters with great recovery.  Apparently, a defeat by Kirby inspired him to train hard to learn a move called Hovering, which allows him to float after taking a deep breath.


Final Destination – Returning stage

final destination 1

final destination 2


Though this is a simple stage, with no stage hazards or floating platforms, the background has been updated for this game. Make sure you don’t get too distracted and get defeated!


Fortress Boss (Super Mario Bros. 3) – New Arrangement


You can now listen to “Fortress Boss (Super Mario Bros. 3).” Enjoy this arrangement by Akihiro Honda while reminiscing about the bosses that have tried to stand in Mario’s way!


Arrangement supervisor: Akihiro Honda (known for work on Metal Gear Solid series, Zone of the Enders series, and Boktai 2)


Here’s a link to the other remixes and arrangements, and other character features so far:

Vega Stage, Bomb Rush Blush, Brinstar Depths – here

Noisy Notebook – here

City Trial – here

Mega Man 4 Medley – here

Snake Eaterhere

F-Zero Medley – here

Galaga Medley – here

Bloody Tears / Monster Dance – here

Gangplank Galleon – here

Gear Up For… – here

Yoshi’s New Island Main Theme – here


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches for Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.

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