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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Takes A Look At The Krystal Assist Trophy And Young Link



Nintendo shared the latest on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate over at its official website with a closer look at the Krystal Assist Trophy from Star Fox Adventures and Young Link who’ll make his return after 17 years.


Krystal – Assist Trophy


In addition to attacking with her staff, Krystal also uses Ice Blast to freeze fighters. Don’t underestimate her!


#22 Young Link

He’s back after 17 years! Young Link is faster than Link but he’s also lighter, making him easier to launch.


And here’s a look at a recently featured stage:


Kongo Falls



Face off against your foes atop a raft stuck at the edge of a waterfall. How well you utilise the rock jutting out at the bottom right can be the difference between victory or defeat!


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches for Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018. Check out its remix from Kirby Air Ride’s City Trial map theme in our previous report. You can also check out the Noisy Notebook arrangement from Snipperclips here, and plenty other arrangements here.

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