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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Shows Off A Few More Fighters, And A Snake Eater Arrangement


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    This week’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate blog updates highlighted Mega Man, Pit, Pichu, as well as two stages that are going to be in the game. A new arrangement of ‘Snake Eater’ was also teased.


    #46 Mega Man


    Mega Man’s standard and special moves use weapons copied from the bosses he’s fought throughout the Mega Man series, so he has more projectiles than any other fighter. His Final Smash now features Proto Man and Bass!


    #28 Pit


    Pit is a well-balanced, well-rounded character with a defensive special that nullifies long distance attacks and excellent recovery. And did we mention he rides a chariot of light in his Final Smash? He’s a great choice for new players!


    #19 Pichu


    Pichu is back after 17 years! Pichu’s electric attacks have greater range and do more damage than its other attack types—but they also damage Pichu.


    Moray Towers – Stage

    moray 1


    moray 2


    This is a stage from the Splatoon and Splatoon 2 games. Look closely for Judd and Li’l Judd. Judd will raise the flag with the color of the fighter or team currently in the lead.


    Wily Castle – Stage

    wily 2

    wily 1


    Hazards from the previous games for both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U will appear on this stage. The Yellow Devil will cause a big explosion when it’s defeated, but the player who landed the final attack doesn’t take any damage. Use this to your advantage!


    Snake Eater (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater) – New arrangement


    You can now listen to “Snake Eater”. The original version was the opening theme song for Metal Gear Solid 3. This time it’s an arrangement by Nobuko Toda!

    Arrangement supervisor: Nobuko Toda (best known for work on Metal Gear Solid 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4)


    Here’s a link to the other remixes and arrangements featured so far:

    Vega Stage, Bomb Rush Blush, Brinstar Depths – here

    Noisy Notebook – here

    City Trial – here

    Mega Man 4 Medley – here


    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches for Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.

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