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Super Sportmatchen Is A Party Game Of Silly Sports & Cute Animals


Super Sportmatchen is a competitive party game where players will take part in a variety of silly activities, helping adorable animals land while parachuting, toss balls for high-jumping dogs to catch, hurtle down a log-laden river in a boat, and many, many more to see who’s the best.


Super Sportmatchen brings up to four players in on the action, having them take part in a variety of activities to see who can get the best times/scores. Many of these are silly variants on other sports, or can be lighthearted activities that involve hopping down a track, throwing a hammer without hitting the wrong person, or leaping over hurdles without smashing their faces. Adorable pixel animals will also be joining players in many of these games, so they may want to take better care not to hurt these cute critters. The referee, though, may be a perfectly viable target.



Super Sportmatchen is available now on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

Alistair Wong
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