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SUPERHYPERCUBE Will Bend Your Perception On Project Morpheus



SUPERHYPERCUBE has been announced as a perception-bending puzzler coming exclusively to Project Morpheus on PlayStation 4. It’s developed by Montreal-based studio Kokoromi and is being published by Fez developer Polytron Corporation.


Kokoromi explained that SUPERHYPERCUBE has been around in various forms since 2008. It started off using those red and blue tinted 3D glasses to achieve the effect that the game’s idea is based on. But as technology progressed over the past seven years Kokoromi was able to better realize the concept.


“Aesthetically, this VR version of SUPERHYPERCUBE is influenced by our love for all things glowing, epitomized by neon light, 80s motion graphics, early computer art and the minimalist art movement known as ‘light and space’,” Kokoromi said.


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The studio aims for SUPERHYPERCUBE to be like being inside and flying through the work of these “light and space” artists. Neon, LEDs, and sunlight is used by these artists to create spaces that may change over time or when viewed from a different angle – that’s the basis of SUPERHYPERCUBE.


And so you’ll be able to look around these 3D cubes and clusters in the game and will see them alter in form as you do. The basic commands shown in the teaser trailer are “pitch,” “roll,” and “yaw.” With this, you’re challenged to fit the cubes through an endless stream of narrow spaces in an analog virtual world.

Chris Priestman