Suplex Saga Is A Wrestling-Themed RPG Adventure




When a top wrestling federation leaves your career in ruins, you’ll have to slowly climb back to the top in turn-based, Super Mario RPG-style matches in Suplex Saga, an RPG take on wrestling.




Suplex Saga will pit payers against other wrestlers, steadily fighting more famous ones as they try to reclaim their honor and fame. To fight them, they’ll engage in turn-based combat where timed button presses will increase the power of their attacks or protect against the enemy’s strikes. Each attack will have a unique input and timing, offering new challenges every time.


Winning will require more than just spamming powerful moves. As you fight, you will build up HEAT by impressing the audience with varied moves, and with enough HEAT, the player can execute a signature finisher. Players will also be given specific tasks to complete during a match that will net them greater rewards, so players can expect to use all of their moves to get the best outcomes.


Players will be able to customize their party of wrestlers as they see fit, making stat changes that let players mold them into the fighter they need. Each wrestler has a specific skill set, though, so some may be better suited for submissions, power, high-flying attacks, or other styles.


Suplex Saga is early in development, but interested players can follow its creation by signing up for a newsletter on its developers’ site.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!