Suppressed Is About A Child Escaping A North Korea-Like State



Suppressed casts players as a young boy trapped in a totalitarian state after his family is exiled. He must travel alone, facing death and depression, as he struggles to find a way out.




Players can interact with all of the various downtrodden people and dangerous soldiers they meet in their journey. Through helping the NPCs they meet with items, they can hear their unique stories and get a better picture of the terrible world around them. Through combining the player’s stories with those of the people, they will see the “full extent of propaganda, poverty, and tyranny that dominates your nation.”




Suppressed was designed to educate players on the plight of people in North Korea. It was created from the developer’s research into the struggles of North Korean refugees, as well as the widespread jokes and memes she found that made light of the regime and the people’s situation.



Player actions can lead to one of the game’s two endings, which can be reached within an hour. Suppressed is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight

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