Survival Royale Game Ao Oni Online Reaches 1 Million Downloads



UUM and Goodroid announced that its smartphone game Ao Oni Online has hit a new milestone of 1 million downloads since its launch in Japan on September 13.


Ao Oni Online is a multiplayer survival game for smartphone, based on the Ao Oni survival horror game, except instead of going through a story you’re thrown into a map with 100 players who are all chased by various Ao Onis until there’s only one player left standing.



The game reached 1 million downloads as of October 3, and to commemorate the occasion it is giving away 3,000 Blue Coins used for gacha pulls for costumes and more.


There are plans for new maps, skins, and more in future updates.


Ao Oni Online is currently available for iOS and Android in Japan.

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