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Survival Skills Will Be Tested By The Horrors Of Someday You’ll Return


Stela has run away many times in the past, but something about this time drags Daniel, her father, into the sprawling woods of the Czech Republic. There, he’ll find the answers he seeks, and perhaps some horrors best left uncovered in survival horror game Someday You’ll Return.


Someday You’ll Return puts an emphasis on the survival part of survival horror, forcing players to craft useful items, repair broken tools with items they find, make use of herbs and mushrooms for medicine, and use tracking abilities to find their lost daughter’s trail. These will all be handy skills in the game’s large wooded setting, as there is little in the way of direction besides the clues the player can dig up.

As players explore the woods, they’ll find a growing sense of unease creeping in around them, with supernatural elements making their way into the game’s narrative. Players will need to avoid and evade these horrors quietly, as there are no combat options, but they may have some hope in pushing the story forward and finding answers as to why these apparitions and strange visions are revealing themselves to the player.


Someday You’ll Return is scheduled for a 2019 release according to its Steam page.

Alistair Wong
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