Survive Summer Camp, Return To Your Sailor Moon VHS Tapes In This Horror Visual Novel

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We Know The Devil is a “group relationship horror visual novel” about three teens who have to spend 12 hours in a lonely cabin in the woods waiting for the devil to arrive.


They’re fed up of the chores of summer camp – singing boring songs about Jesus, helping out the adults, and hoping God’s radio can’t hear them – but they have to endure this one last night before they can leave.


Not a single one among the three is the protagonist. Instead, you have to choose a pair to follow as they learn about themselves. There’s the meangirl Neptune, tomboy Jupiter, and shy shy Venus. “Will Venus and Neptune stop hating themselves long enough to be friends? Will Jupiter finally tell Neptune what’s been on her mind? Will Venus and Jupiter make it to morning as the only good kids left alive?” teases the game’s description.


According to the creators, We Know The Devil is about “everyone who made you cry at summer camp,” “missing your Sailor Moon VHS tapes,” and “how being irresponsible is contagious.”


The words are complemented by photos taken in the woods with a disposable camera in the terrifying woods near to where the creators live. Plus there’s an ‘80s-style horror synth soundtrack to keep you spooked.


We Know The Devil has three endings to discover plus a horrifying bonus true end. You can purchase it for $6.66 on its website.

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