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Swap Characters On The Fly In Top-Down Action RPG Defenders Of Naxia



When a mysterious stranger opens the Gates of Sacrifice and unleashes the feared creature Raven, a few heroes will head to the five cursed kingdoms of Naxia to defeat him in action RPG Defenders of Naxia.




The developers, Novel Geometry Games, have released a first look at the alpha of the game, showcasing several spell effects along with some combat against Fallen Soldiers. The player appears to be playing as Ajira, using her sword to lash out at the enemies, but seems able to switch to Rayan, using his firearm-like weapon, at will.




Spell effects draw from a recharging mana gauge, with players able to drop huge blasts of ice and fireballs on top of regular combat abilities. The preview demonstrates a hellish landscape, but the main game promises five different areas, each which should have effects on your combat dynamics. The game also hints at two more playable characters in the future as well.




Curious players can head to the Defenders of Noxia developer’s blog to follow its development.

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