Swap Between Eight Varied Playable Characters On The Fly In This Action RPG



Knights of Galiveth will let players use eight different characters, each with their own powers, level, and strengths, to explore the interwoven world of Galiveth, dealing with monsters and finding the source of the darkness that’s attacking the world.



Knights of Galiveth offers a large world for players to work their way through, and many routes can only be reached by some of the characters in the player’s party. By using their unique strengths and abilities, players will be able to get to these varied paths, but due to the game’s permadeath system, should one of these characters die in combat, the player will lose them forever and be unable to access any routes they would have opened up.


Knights of Galiveth’s knights are not helpless, though, and players will want to work to ensure each one stays strong throughout the journey. Each has their own stats, hit points, and inventory, so players will want to share any treasure they find among the knights, as well as ensure they are getting stronger through combat to keep them powerful enough to face the dangers that come. Should a knight get low on health, players will also be able to swap them out at will, ensuring they stay alive to help navigate the game’s world.




Players will be able to guide and equip Knights of Galiveth’s large party of playable characters when the game releases on Steam on May 2.

Alistair Wong
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