Swimwear Available Now For Blade & Soul


Outfit_Summer_Beach_01 Outfit_Summer_Beach_05 Outfit_Summer_Beach_02 Outfit_Summer_Beach_06


Summer has come early to Blade & Souls’ servers, offering a new selection of swimwear for players of the MMO.


Outfit_Tropic_Night_01 Outfit_Tropic_Night_05 Outfit_Tropic_Night_02 Outfit_Tropic_Night_06

Outfit_Summer_Beach_03 Outfit_Summer_Beach_07  Outfit_Tropic_Night_03Outfit_Tropic_Night_07

Outfit_Summer_Beach_04 Outfit_Tropic_Night_04


The outfits are available now, but are only on offer for a limited time. They will be on sale in the Hongmoon Store until August 31.

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