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The Switch’s Loading Times Are The Fastest When Making Use Of The Console’s Internal Storage



When playing a game on the Nintendo Switch, loading times can be affected depending on which type of storage device is being used. Digital Foundry has shared a new video featuring Zelda: Breath of the Wild in which they compare the Switch’s loading times while using the cartridge, the internal storage, and two different types of micro SD cards.


Overall, the internal storage came out on top in all of the instances, with the micro SD cards coming in second and the cartridge coming in last place.


Here’s a look at a chart detailing the results from Digital Foundry, as well as the video chronicling their findings:

Zelda/Switch Load Times Cartridge Internal Storage Sandisk 16GB Ultra SDHC Sandisk 64GB Extreme SDXC
Temple of Time (Initial Load) 35.7 30.7 34.1 34.4
Kakariko Village (Initial Load) 27.0 24.1 26.3 26.6
Owa Daim Shrine (Initial Load) 9.5 8.7 9.3 9.3
Great Plateau Tower (Travel) 32.6 27.7 30.9 31.2
Dueling Peaks Tower (Travel) 20.5 18.8 19.8 20.1
Shrine of Resurrection (Travel) 24.2 21.8 23.0 23.8


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available for the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch.