Sword Art Online Arcade: Deep Explorer Trailer Shows Off Its Dungeon-Crawling Action



Bandai Namco’s upcoming arcade game Sword Art Online Arcade: Deep Explorer is different from all the other SAO games as a bit of a Diablo-style dungeon crawler action RPG with 3-player online co-op.


Here’s a look at some highlights with its latest trailer:

The game’s story has Kirito and friends dive into a VR world where you’ll get to communicate with them through a VR monitor and your task is to help them navigate since their in-game UI doesn’t work.


As for the gameplay, it plays a lot like a Diablo game where you take on various monsters, level up, learn skills, fight bosses, and collect loot. You can check out much more details on how it plays in our previous report.


Sword Art Online Arcade: Deep Explorer launches for arcades in Japan in Spring 2019.

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