Sword Art Online: Lost Song Shares Details On How To Fight

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Sword Art Online: Lost Song will throw you into a new continent called Svartalfheim, where you’ll fight dragons, golems, and all kinds of new monsters. Here’s a look at how you’ll fight off foes and stay safe in ALO.



The regular attack isn’t too strong on its own, but it can be used to hit multiple times, which allows you to pull off combos. You can also link it with heavy attacks and Sword Skills.



While you won’t be using heavy attacks for combos, they’re much more powerful than a regular attack, and make for a nice finisher. These can also link with Sword Skills.



A Step is used to dodge enemy attacks. This action uses up stamina, so you’ll want to be careful to not over-use it at times. You can Step towards different directions for side and back steps.


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You can freely fly around in Sword Art Online: Lost Song, but the jump action will come in handy in cramped areas like caves and dungeons, where you won’t have as much space to fight flying enemies.


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You can use magic while sheathed, but you won’t be able to while unsheathed.



Guard allows you to block hits from enemies; however, you won’t be able to keep on guarding after taking so many hits, so you’ll want to be careful with that.



Dash makes you run faster, and it’ll also provide a speed boost while flying. This action also consumes stamina.



Regular attacks and Steps can be mixed up with Sword Skills. Basically, these are the abilities that replace magic when you’re unsheathed.



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The online mode for Sword Art Online: Lost Song starts out in a lobby, which you enter through a bar in town. You can have up to 16 people in a lobby, and up to four for going on a quest.


Sword Art Online: Lost Song is slated for release in Japan on March 26, 2015 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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