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Sword Art Online: Lost Song Shows Agil, Recon, Eugene, And A New Island



Kirito will face new challenges in Sword Art Online: Lost Song’s updated world of ALO, where him and his friends will have a new continent to explore. The official website provides a new look at some of his old friends and allies.



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When Agil isn’t busy running his Dicey Café in real life, he spends his time as a merchant and axe-wielder in VRMMORPGs. He’ll be a playable character in Sword Art Online: Lost Song, as a Gnome character of ALO.




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In real life, he’s known as Nagata Shinichi, a friend and classmate of Suguha Kirigaya. He was previously her in-game mentor, until she surpassed him, and while she can be a bit harsh towards him at times, they get along fine. He plays as a Sylph in ALO, and specializes in magic.



sao-lost-song_150221-2_r General Eugene was the head of the Salamander race’s armed forces, and was considered the strongest player in ALO, until he was defeated in a 1v1 fight against Kirito. He also wields the game’s second most powerful sword, the Demonic Sword Gram.



Svartalfheim is an unknown floating continent that is where Sword Art Online: Lost Song takes place. It’s made up of several floating lands, and the above is a look at its third island, called the Cyclic Iceberg, Frosthilde.


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Not much is known about Frosthilde and its icy areas, since it’s a part of ALO’s new update, but the area is shown covered in ice and snow, so there will likely be plenty of snow-based monsters on the island.


Finally, here are some screenshots from the game’s event scenes:


sao-lost-song_150221-4_r sao-lost-song_150221-13_r

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Sword Art Online: Lost Song will release in Japan on March 26, 2015 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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