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Sword Art Online: Lost Song Shows More Areas Of The New ALO



Sword Art Online: Lost Song takes place in an updated ALO, where a new continent has been added, featuring all kinds of different terrains. Dengeki shares a look at some of the new places you’ll get to visit in the upcoming game.



Sword Art Online: Lost Song takes place on an unknown floating continent called Svartalfheim. The continent itself is made up of many floating lands. The first island shown in the above image is called Woglinde.



Woglinde is characterized by its grassy plains, massive buildings, and windmills.



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The island is home to the giant dragon, known as the Conqueror of the Skies. It possesses the powers of both wind and fire, which it uses to take out all its enemies.


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In addition to the grassy island of Woglinde, Svartalfheim also has islands that are made of deserts and icy mountains.


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sao_21_cs1w1_720x sao_22_cs1w1_720x

This golem-like creature is a giant monster you’ll encounter on the desert island. It specializes in attacks using its powerful fists.



The above image is a look at the Sky Capital Line, which will act as your base of operations. There are other towns in Svartalfheim, but this where Kirito and the other adventurers call hometown, and it’s also where a number of events will take place.


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sao_27_cs1w1_720x sao_28_cs1w1_720x

sao_29_cs1w1_720x sao_30_cs1w1_720x


Line has several useful areas, such as a weapon shop, workshop, general goods store, inn, and many other places that will surely come in handy during your adventures on the new area of ALO.


Sword Art Online: Lost Song is set for release in Japan on March 26, 2015 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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