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Sword Art Online: Lost Song Shows Off Its Online Mode



Kirito seems to make friends wherever he goes, and he’s ready to make more in Sword Art Online: Lost Song now that it will have an online mode with lobbies that can hold up to 16 people. The latest trailer for the game shows a bit of the online mode, and more.



The gameplay footage begins with a brief look at some of the characters flying around in the new ALO, followed by a little tour of the Sky Capital Line, the place that will act as your base of operations in the game. The game starts out at Line, where you’ll put together parties for adventures. This is also the place where you’ll meet old and new friends alike. It’s where all the events happen, and where you accept quests.


At 1:47, the video shows us a look at the 16-person lobby, where you’ll set out in groups of four to participate in flight-action battles outside. Your fighting style varies according to who you play as, with a big difference in going with magic attacks and skills.


The 3:05 part has a little bit of Eir Aoi’s new song for Sword Art Online: Lost Song, called “Sincere no Hikari” and it shows how there will be some drama unravel between Kirito, and the new characters Seven, Rain, and Sumeragi.


Sword Art Online: Lost Song will release in Japan on March 26, 2015 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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