Wii U

Swords & Soldiers II Brings Its Hammer Down Exclusively On Wii U Soon



Ever play the 2009 action-strategy game Swords & Soldiers on Wiiware? Well, its sequel Swords & Soldiers II will be coming the Wii U eShop in a few months time.


It plays in the same way as the first game and even has the Vikings returning led by their chieftain Redbeard. This time you can customize the Vikings as they fight against the Demons and and another faction of Persian descent to restore peace to their land.


This involves buying units, casting spells, and building structures across a 2D battleground. Among the new features are healing units that throw meat at your units to restore health, and portals that allow the enemy to spawn ever closer to Red Beard’s base.



In total, there will be 20 story missions to beat, as well as the Skirmish mode to take on after that. Skirmishes can be played against an AI opponent or you can bring a friend in to see who can raise the better army.


You can find out more about Swords & Soldiers II on its website.

Chris Priestman