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SWORDY’s E3 Trailer Shows How The Game Makes Interesting Use Of Weapons



New Zealand-based developer Frogshark has released an E3 trailer for its physics-based local multiplayer brawler SWORDY, which is heading to PC and Xbox One in early 2016.


SWORDY is a game designed to be played with analog sticks. Each player in the arena has a large weapon that they can attack with by swinging in big circles, making it a game of momentum and timing. There are swords, of course, but you may also play with hammers, shields, and daggers. These weapons can be dropped from your hands and swapped for any other one that is lying on the floor at any time.


You may notice in the trailer that most of the attackers take the intended method of attack by plunging their character into a deathly sword dance. However, some players use the dagger rather cunningly to stab their opponents up close at great risk of being hit. Shield users sometimes even team up with another player to sandwich an opponent into a death they can barely escape.


Look out for updates on SWORDY’s development on its website.

Chris Priestman