Symphony of Eternity Is A Spiffy Looking Old School RPG By Kemco



Kemco make quite a few mobile titles, and their latest is no different, with the launch of classic 2D, old-school graphical Symphony of Eternity. A smartphone title for iOS and Android, the game follows the tale of Kreist as he crosses the land in search of the legendary Regratlute (If he ever discovers it’s a corruption of the original “Regret Lute” however, God save us all).


Joining him are pals such as his golem Dauturu and others. Of course, that doesn’t really go according to plan when he runs headlong into escaping princess Laishutia and decides to help her re-take her kingdom. There’s also voiceovers for the characters.


As the video shows, Symphony is a turn-based game with some spiffy graphics and a pretty deep-looking crafting system. If you can find enough cash to create it, that dream weapon could be yours. (Just, not the Regratlute, which is better than your dream weapon. Take that!)


If this is up your alley, the game is out now on iOS and Android.