Syura And Nanako Arrive In Character Pack For Anime Boardgame 100% Orange Juice


Nanako from Suguri and Syura from QP Shooting can be added to digital anime boardgame 100% Orange Juice as playable characters with the new “Syura & Nanako Character Pack”.


If you didn’t know, both of the characters are from previous games by developer Orange_Juice, so they’re drawn by the original artists but in the style of 100% Orange Juice, of course.


Both Nanaki and Syura come with new Hyper Cards and their own music themes for you to play along to.


As for 100% Orange Juice, if you’re just hearing of this doujin game now, be warned, it’s notoriously tough in the single player and multiplayer game modes. Cute it may be, but this strategic boardgame is not a pushover.


You can purchase 100% Orange Juice on the Fruitbat Factory website and on Steam for $6.99. The Syura & Nanako Character Pack will set you back $1.99 on Steam.

Chris Priestman