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Make Tabe Oja’s Food Monsters Fight This Month

Tabe Oja Release Date

A release date for cooking battle game Tabe Oja has been announced. Japanese consumers can expect to get their hands on the Bandai Namco game on November 28, 2020. Tabe Oja will cost ¥5,940, which is roughly $56. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

These high octane cooking battles will combine two different kinds of gameplay. As you can imagine, a cooking simulation is one of the two gameplay elements in Tabe Oja. Players will need to chop, slice, and stir their way to the top by replicating movements shown on screen with their Joy-Con to create food-based fighters. The other element will involve a more strategic style of gameplay, as you send your “meals” out to fight. However, success will hinge on the players ability to create various dishes. The announcement trailer for Tabe Oja showcased both sorts of gameplay and provided consumers with a taste of what they will experience with the upcoming hybrid cooking-action title.

Accompanying the announcement of the release date for Tabe Oja was a new trailer. A short film by Japanese director Takashi Miike (yes, the Takashi Miike that directed the first Yakuza film) has been uploaded to the official Tabe Ojba YouTube. In it, viewers get a glimpse of the Joy-Con accessories that will come bundled with the game.

You can watch the Tabe Oja short film below.

Tabe Oja will release for the Nintendo Switch in Japan on November 28, 2020.

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