Tabula Rasa Journal: Finally Got to Specialize



I watched the opening movie to Tabula Rasa (was it added in the newest upgrade?) and gained a better understanding of the story.  Apparently some outer-space enemy attacked Earth, so officials rounded up all the people who could fight and teleported them through wormholes into other worlds, where they must fight. In the process, the people learned they had some sort of innate skill to use alien magic, which explains why people can shoot lighting bolts out of their hands.


I finally found the specialization trainer in Alia Das. After running around the base several times, looking at every NPC, asking everyone I could around me, I realized the NPCs I was looking for was standing right outside a tent that I had passed several times. D'oh.


I had a hard time choosing between a soldier or a specialist.  I like running around, shooting things, and blowing things up, but I also would like the ability to heal myself, and eventually become a medic. In the end, I picked to be a specialist, taking comfort in the fact that if I regretted my choice, I still had a cloned character that I can make into a soldier.


The first thing I did after I became a specialist was use my density field gun since I couldn't use it as a rookie.  I was excited to use it because since it was locked to me before I chose to be a specialist, it must be AWESOME. Unfortunately, there seems to be a long waiting time between shooting once and shooting again, so I just went back to my normal rifle.  What I did do was put more skill points into the lightning bolt attack, which made it more powerful.


Encouraged by my new upgrades, I went to search for the three Logos tablets that was part of one of my accepted missions.  As I wandered farther and farther away from Alia Das, I found enemies I hadn't seen before: a giant spider that nearly killed me and another giant spider that did kill me.  Luckily, there was a health station between where I was headed and Alia Das, so I chose to respawn there instead of going all the way back to base.


While I still hadn't found anyone to party up with, I did notice another player who seemed to be heading in the same direction I was, so I followed him.  Wordlessly, we helped each other out by attacking unfriendlies.


The first Logos was pretty easy to find and unguarded.  I attempted to get to the second Logos, but couldn't seem to find away around a mountain range that was blocking my way. The map is helpful in locating places you need to go for a specific mission, but it's not too helpful in showing you physical barriers like mountain ranges.  I tried to slowly go the long way around the mountains, only to be killed by some sort of giant flying enemy.  Maybe now it's time to find some people to party up with.

Louise Yang